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The year of hybrid marketing

Multi_Channel_MarketingFirst we had the age of direct mail where customers and prospects read about your product or service on a piece of paper they had posted through their door/put on their desk.

Then came the boom of E-mail and digital marketing where marketers received increased response rates from a considerably smaller marketing budget.

So it seems the natural progression of marketing has taken place and the old fashioned ink on paper is dead. But in 2015, the year new (super hi-tech) marketing platforms like virtual reality are emerging as a real marketing channel; old-fashioned ink on paper is making a comeback.

According to a study carried out by the Direct Marketing Association the response rate to direct mail marketing material is almost 30 times higher than that of E-mail marketing – Direct mails average response rate is 3.4%, compared to 0.12% for E-mail marketing.  The same study also found that the average ROI on a direct mail piece is £14 for every £1 spent and 9 out of 10 people open their direct mail marketing material.

Traditional marketers have always been obsessed with comparing the response rates, conversion rates and ROI between marketing channels, but a smart marketer uses these competing channels to complement each other. A smart marketer hoovers up as many prospects as possible with the cheaper process of an E-mail campaign, they can then analyse this and mould their campaign accordingly. The next logical step is often a direct mail campaign to those who did not interact with the initial E-mail. This interconnected hybrid marketing strategy is effective but can be time-consuming in order to determine who interacted with marketing E-mails and who didn’t.

A way of tackling the time-intensive nature of this marketing strategy is to use Multi-Channel Marketing software. This allows the marketer to automate their hybrid marketing campaign with the option of amending it at any stage of the process. Using hybrid marketing software also captures analytics and feeds this back into the original database which returns optimised, cleansed and up-to-date data and as Craig Mundie of Microsoft simply put it“Data is becoming the new raw material of business”.


  • – Take a multi-channel approach to marketing. Don’t just rely on classic e-mail campaigns as these are becoming increasingly over saturated.
  • – Consider using hybrid marketing software to guide you through a Multi-Channel Marketing campaign and save time
  • – Printed marketing had a resurgence in 2014 and this is only going to go further in 2015 – The print renaissance is on.