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Throwback Thursday From humble print beginnings

Throwback Thursday From humble print beginnings

Our very first offices were in Chobham Road which became too small. So we moved to Chertsey Road in Woking which allowed the company to expand.

In 1968 we moved to Maybury Road in Woking (pictured above). The building was an old laundry which we converted to a print factory. In 1984 we purchased an acre of land on Maybury Road and built a state of  the art print factory which we occupy today.

When we posted this image on our Instagram @OptichromeLtd a member of the public posted “Remember walking past there a kid. Wonderful memories of the lady always stopping whatever she was doing to wave at us and our mums on our way to school. :-)”

Then incredibly and totally unplanned @rosemarytomes posted “That lady in the window was me!”.