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History in Film – Ken and Ted Stephens

In the final instalment of our History in Film Series, we thought it was only fitting to pay a tribute to Ken and Ted Stephens, the founders of Optichrome. Both men were real visionaries in their day … Read More

History in Film – Health and Safety

Health and Safety is the focus of our History in Film series this month. When we first saw the films, it was interesting to see how things have developed in the Health and Safety field since these … Read More

History in Film – Repro

For this month in our history in film series we have focused on our Repro department, which is still active today. We estimate that this footage was captured back in 1975 when things looked very different. In … Read More

History in Film – Machinery

Investing in the latest equipment has always been the ethos at Optichrome and this mindset was started right at the beginning by Ken Stephens. The importance of working with the latest innovations in print technology is still … Read More

History in Film – Banging Out Ceremony

Last summer we blogged about the rather bizarre tradition of the┬áBanging Out Ceremony. Upon the completion of their rigorous training, print apprentices were doused with various kinds of ink and print waste materials by their colleagues, before … Read More