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Staff Focus with Robin Browne


Staff Focus with Robin Browne

When did you start working at Optichrome?

I started working for Optichrome in July 2001. I was offered the job at the tender young age of 24 and I’ve been here ever since.

What memory stands out for you during your time at Optichrome?

A memory that stands out for me is actually a very recent one. I was invited to join the company’s team to cycle the Prudential 100 bike ride for Optichrome’s chosen charity, Woking and Sam Beare Hospices. It was a fantastic day. Being able to ride through the streets of London and out into the Surrey hills with total road closures was an amazing experience. Between the 4 of us we managed to raise over £2000 which made all the pain and suffering of the ride very worthwhile.
What is your favourite food?

I love food. I have a reputation with my colleagues as being a bit of a dustbin. I’m normally quite good and I try to have a well-balanced and healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruit and veg but my guilty pleasure has to be a good old traditional fry-up, and it has to be the biggest one on the menu too!

Do you have any phobias?

I didn’t think I had any phobias, until recently when I went to paint the outside of my house. It was then that I decided that I don’t like heights. I thought I wouldn’t have any trouble, but climbing 5 meters up a ladder and having a paint tin in one hand and a brush in the other certainly wasn’t my idea of an enjoyable experience. I’ll be leaving that to the experts!

What is your favourite book?

My favourite book has to be “It’s all about the bike” by Robert Penn. It’s about one man’s journey all around the world to build his dream bike. Being a keen cyclist I found it a highly entertaining read but regardless of enjoying cycling or not, I would recommend this book to anyone because of the author’s enthusiasm and his humorous accounts in his pursuit of happiness on two wheels.

Why do you like working at Optichrome?

Optichrome is an exciting and great place to work. You never know what sort of jobs you will be working on from one day to the next and the challenges of the deadlines make it all the more interesting but most of all it’s the people, Optichrome is like one big family where everyone counts. We are all treated and valued as individuals and not just numbers. I certainly regard my colleagues as friends, rather than just people I work with.

What is your favourite piece of print?

My favourite piece of print has to be the Optichrome Think Brochure. It is a book that we send out to customers, old and new, that shows all the different processes that we can produce, from the printing stage with spot colours, varnishes and metallic inks, right through to the finishing processes with unusual and complex folding styles, dye cutting, spot UV varnishes, embossing and wiro-binding.

What is your favourite film?

This is actually a really difficult question because there are so many good films out there but still being a big kid at heart it will have to be something that takes me back to my childhood. A film called Frog Dreaming, made in the mid 80s, has to be at the top. It’s a cross between Indiana Jones and the Goonies, a very close 2nd and 3rd. So you can’t go wrong with that!

What is your favourite music single?

I don’t really have a favourite music single but being an active person it would have to be something that’s lively and energetic, something that can keep my motivation up while I’m on the treadmill or on the bike. A few of the artists that I like at the moment are Disclosure, Chemical Brothers and Deadmau5. Andy C and Danny Byrd are a couple of DJs that have produced tracks that keep my energy running high too.

What is your favourite holiday destination?

It’s got to be somewhere hot with pure white beaches, crystal clear waters and rich in culture too. Cuba was my favourite holiday destination. It’s a fantastic place to kick back and relax, and also there are plenty of exciting and amazing places to explore and visit.