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Staff Focus – John Heywood (Managing Director)

John Heywood - Managing DirectorAs part of a new monthly blog series we thought it would be nice to celebrate our amazing staff here at Optichrome. We are delighted to kick the series off with Optichrome Managing Director John Heywood.[su_spacer]

John has proved that with hard work, determination and passion you can start at the bottom and work your way right to the top.[su_spacer]

During the series we intend to use different kinds of media to tell the story of each staff member and for the first we have decided to keep it nice and simple with a Question & Answer session:[su_spacer]

Q. When did you start working at Optichrome?[su_spacer]

A. July 10th 1978[su_spacer]

Q. What memory stands out for you during your time at Optichrome?[su_spacer]

A. Too many to list…  mainly memories of people, past and present.. good times and sad times.. a few scary moments..   Our building being built, all the big equipment installations, staff fun days,  35 Christmas parties. If I am only allowed one event it is probably my first ever promotion to Bindery Supervisor, it felt great to know that my effort had been noticed and appreciated.[su_spacer]

Q. What is your favourite food?[su_spacer]

A. Chorizo Risotto[su_spacer]

Q. Do you have any phobias?[su_spacer]

A. Fortunately no[su_spacer]

Q. What is your favourite book?[su_spacer]

A. Papillon by Henri Charriere[su_spacer]

Q. Why do you like working at Optichrome?[su_spacer]

A. Because it has always been a dynamic company that strives to be better than the rest and prepared to take calculated risks. The investments, the acquisitions, the changes, but mostly the people… it’s seldom dull.[su_spacer]

Q. What is your favourite piece of print?[su_spacer]

A. Back in the 1980’s we produced a beautiful piece of work for CAFOD who were working in Biafra during the dreadful famine. The photographs were printed in metallic copper and black duotone. Sadly no copies have survived.[su_spacer]

Q. What is your favourite film?[su_spacer]

A. The Right Stuff[su_spacer]

Q. What is your favourite music single? [su_spacer]

A. Fall At Your Feet by Crowded House[su_spacer]

Q. What is your favourite holiday destination? [su_spacer]

A. Italy, or my back garden