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Performance Anxiety ISM

With the increased amount of awareness around mental health at the moment, it is great to see more and more organisations taking an active role in offering help and assistance in this area. Anxiety contributes massively to our mental health wellness and it is particulary impressive that the ISM have identified this as a pertinent issue and produced this amazingly helpful guide to performance anxiety.

Anxiety affects all ages and skill levels, from the beginner to the professional and to become a successful performer it is important to mentally prepare so that the performance is enjoyed rather than feared. As the authors point out, “Anxiety is present in all our lives, but the key to successful performance is to learn how to handle it effectively.” The skills offered in this booklet aim to equip students with the psychological flexibility required to utilise the most appropriate strategy when they need it.

Printed on our Heidleberg XL75 in 4 colour with an uncoated, Matt laminated cover, the brochure is a compact, practical guide for music teachers to offer all the support they can to their students.