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Optichrome apprentice visits home for retired printers

Optichrome apprentice, James Burton took a day out from his busy schedule a couple of weeks ago, to visit The Printing Charity’s sheltered home, Beverbrook House.

James Burton - Bletchley House - BPIFThe Bletchley Care Home is a home for people who have retired from the Printing Industry and is supported by The Printing Charity. On 5th October 2017, the British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF) hosted a joint event with The Printing Charity, which looked at the transformation of the Printing Industry over the last 50 years.

Residents and apprentices shared their experiences and stories from the printing industry. Apprentices were shown how an Adana letterpress worked by one of the residents. Residents and apprentices alike, were intrigued by a demonstration of a 3D printer in action.

Neil Lovell, The Printing Charity’s Chief Executive, said: “Our residents have a wealth of knowledge and experience and it was great to see them share this with the new apprentices, as well as gain insight into what’s happening in the sector today. The event was a terrific success and showed the power of different generations learning from each other.”

James Burton, our apprentice said “Visiting Beaverbrook House was an amazing experience. It was wonderful to be able to share stories with the residents and was fascinating to hear how much the industry has changed over the years. I would like to thank Howie Banks and John Campey from the BPIF for giving me this opportunity and to the residents who were so generous with their time.”

BPIF Programme Director, Ursula Daly said “I wanted to thank you for allowing James to attend the workshop at Bletchley. He is credit to your organisation and represented you very well. He engaged with everyone and I think James enjoyed the day. Thanks to James’ contribution we left a lot of happy residents at the care home yesterday who will be talking about the day for some time to come.”