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How to get your E-mails opened

Multi_Channel_MarketingConstructing an effective E-mail marketing campaign is a minefield. There are so many stumbling blocks along the way which can result in your E-mail being deleted without being read. For most E-mail campaigns the objective is to drive a prospect to a place where they interact with your product or service. This usually involves them signing up, booking a meeting or requesting more information. But in a world where the average person receives 115 E-mails a day in 2015 how can a marketer get theirs to stand out?

The following are just a few tips on how to construct a dynamic E-mail campaign:

Define the recipient of your marketing E-mail

This seems obvious but is something that is often overlooked when planning an E-mail marketing campaign. In order to know your target audience well enough do some buyer persona exercises. Interview your sales team on what makes their buyers tick, research topics specific to your audience and segment your data so prospects in different sectors receive different content. Don’t be scared to segment your data too many times. The more segmented your data, the more targeted your E-mail campaign will become.

Decide what grabs each prospects attention – Create a hook.

Your earlier buyer persona exercises will help you define what constitutes a good hook. Ask yourself what pain points is your product/service solving? What do they look for in a product or service? You should know the best way to grab your prospects attention and if you don’t then test different techniques to find out. Try sending various types of hook E-mails over a period of time and analysing which get the best response/open rates.

Spend time brainstorming your subject line with a group of colleagues

The more the merrier really is an appropriate saying for coming up with subject lines. Try and get at least one colleague from each department – so one from marketing, one from sales, one from the board etc.. Concentrate on coming up with a subject line that gets your E-mail opened and then your hook should entice the recipient to keep on reading. A helpful exercise when coming up with a subject line is to write a list of at least 20 possibilities and then slowly narrow it down until you have your gem of a subject line. Don’t be afraid to change the subject line for different segments in your data.

Test, Test, Test

Testing is something that is often overlooked or done in a hurry but is vitally important to the success of your E-mail campaign. You need to make sure that your E-mails are appearing correctly on all platforms – So they appear the same on PC and Mac and are optimised for all screen sizes so can be viewed correctly on mobiles and tablets. This is vitally important considering that in 2014 72% of adults send and receive E-mails via a smartphone at least weekly. If you are not fully confident testing your E-mail campaign against spam filters and different screen optimisations, contact a professional E-mail service provider (ESP) to talk you through the process. Amateur marketers often use an online mass E-mail marketing service or their CRM to send out marketing E-mails and then don’t test them appropriately, get round this by letting the professionals talk you through it.

Take a multi-channel approach

E-mail marketing usually looks great on the ROI chart as its initial outlays are extremely small but a strategically savvy marketer combines it with offline direct marketing channels like direct mail. E-mail marketing has an average response rate of 0.12% (yours will be higher if done correctly) but direct mail has a response rate almost 30 times this at 3.4%. For those who are not responding to your E-mails try your hand with direct mail and see if it evokes a more positive response.

A lot of trial-and-error will be involved in order to ensure your E-mail marketing campaigns are being effective. For help with getting your E-mails opened try speaking to an expert at a professional E-mail service provider – Contact Giulio Ricci at Optichrome on 01483 740290 or at g.ricci@optichrome.com