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History in Film – Repro

For this month in our history in film series we have focused on our Repro department, which is still active today. We estimate that this footage was captured back in 1975 when things looked very different.

In the film we can see the process of ‘Artwork Paste Up’. Paste up refers to a method of creating or laying out publication pages that predates the use of the now-standard computerised page design desktop publishing programs. Completed, or camera-ready, pages are known as mechanicals or mechanical art. In the offset lithography process, the mechanicals would be photographed with a stat camera to create a same-size film negative for each printing plate required.

We have managed to identify a couple of the people who feature in the film, such as Peter Warren who was our chief designer, Ray Tindle and Paul Sutton who went on to be our technical director. There are a couple of ladies in the film who we have been unable to identify. If anyone watching the film recognises them please do let us know.

Interestingly we noticed from job schedule board in the film that the team were working on an Optichrome brochure, calendar and jotter pad. We also think that they were also working on something for a client called Francis Kyle.