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History in Film – Health and Safety

Health and Safety is the focus of our History in Film series this month. When we first saw the films, it was interesting to see how things have developed in the Health and Safety field since these films were captured in the 70’s. In this film you will see many practises that would not be allowed today.

In the first section we see a man wearing a long white coat as was normal in a manufacturing environment in those days. Due to a number of incidents where these jackets become caught up in machinery, Optichrome made the decision to ban these in the work place long before health and safety regulations were introduced.

In the same segment we also see a lady with long hair working right next to a functioning machine. Todays regulations would stipulate that hair must be tied up.

Then we go on to see a potential fire hazard, where paper, cardboard and files are seen stacked up right next to a lit gas fire. A disaster waiting to happen.

Finally we see health and safety 1970’s style on a building site. How many breaches of health and safety can you spot?