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Greenpeace – You are protecting our planet

We love to work with high profile clients who need each and every piece of print to make a valuable statement. None more so than Greenpeace. Their vision is to transform the world by fundamentally changing the way people think about it. They want governments, industry and each and every person to stop viewing the Earth as an inexhaustible resource and start treating it as something precious that needs protection and careful management. We all need a planet that is ecologically healthy and able to nurture life in all its diversity.

With these objectives in mind, we were asked to produce a “welcome” brochure that can be used to encourage new supporters to their cause.

The brochure we produced is an A5 12pp brochure. It is printed on 100% recycled uncoated paper, with each page die cut. Inside there is also a pop out, die-cut Whale, encouraging the user to take a picture of the Whale and post it on Social Media. A great example of how print can drive your social media strategy.

Greenpeace have uniquely high standards for its print suppliers, who must all be EMAS registered. Our entire factory prioritises environmental concerns and we are proud to be one of a small number of UK printing companies that meet this requirement.