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Celebrating 25 years service at Optichrome

The long standing tradition of the Optichrome Family Day marks the beginning of the Christmas festivities. The event is held every year, just before Christmas and we invite family members and those close to our members of staff to an informal lunch.  We also take the opportunity to recognise individual achievements and long service.

This year we were delighted to present the long service award to Glyn Dorkings, who has been with Optichrome for 25 years.

Managing Director John Heywood said “It is hard to think about Glyn and not associate him with music. He is a gifted singer and musician. I fondly remember the days we used to follow him around like groupies when he performed locally. Although Glyn is a quiet man, he is deeply intellectual and is always in touch with current affairs. Professionally, Glyn is highly regarded across the company as a highly capable, conscientious and quality focused individual who will never give you a problem. Glyn is one of the nicest people you could wish to meet and an absolute joy to work with.”

Tony Clark, Works Manager, said of Glyn “He’s a great all rounder, very reliable, a family man and a very conscientious worker but don’t get him started on politics or religion, or you will regret it!”

Thank you for your years of hard work Glyn and we look forward to the next 25!

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