OPTICHROME BLOG Category: 50th Anniversary

A factory tour of 1980’s Optichrome

The second part of our 80’s throwback video trilogy, takes us round the busy factory. Lots of faces here, some still with us. John Berry, Ray Lewis, Bill Smith and Doug Hook all working hard on the … Read More

1980’s Optichrome

So here we have it, the long awaited video found lurking in the back of a cupboard a few months ago. Get ready for a trip down memory lane, well back to the early 80’s anyway! The … Read More

History in Film – Hand Finishing

In today’s automated world, there seems to be a machine to complete almost any task. However, in our Finishing Department there are some jobs where there is no replacement for the human hand. Since 1963, when Optichrome … Read More

History in Film – Press Delivery

Since Optichrome was founded in 1963, we have always invested in the lastest technology to enable us to print the highest quality product in the most efficient time scales. This is why the delivery of any new … Read More

History in Film – Banging Out Ceremony

Last summer we blogged about the rather bizarre tradition of the Banging Out Ceremony. Upon the completion of their rigorous training, print apprentices were doused with various kinds of ink and print waste materials by their colleagues, before … Read More