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Artist – Frances Aviva Blane

Frances Aviva Blane is a well-known international artist. An English painter who works in the expressionist tradition describes her work as ‘’concerned with fragmentation of paint and personality. I construct both abstract and figurative pictures. Figuration informs abstraction and vice versa. I use different media and like to keep things in a state of flux. Surprise is good. My paintings exist not to be understood but experienced.’’

Frances also draws and her drawings are often of heads, although, as in her paintings, the “heads” are deconstructed which echo her words “broken-up paint, broken-up heads.”

Her work is far removed from the conventional and was described by Dr Edward Winters, as “desperate paintings, fetching isolated and sombre emotion from the deep recesses – they are ‘primeval, before language, dredged from the back of your mind’. They are Beckett-like landscapes and express something like anxiety, unease, restlessness, all tinged with melancholy or plain sadness.” (Dr Edward Winters, West Dean Collage, 2005)

“Blane’s drawings are not for the faint-hearted. They are very demanding and what they demand is attention. (Doris Lockhart Saatchi, London, 2005)

We have been lucky enough to print a number of books for Frances over the years, all beautifully constructed and filled with many thought-provoking pieces.

Frances has put together her latest collection of paintings and drawings in an artists book simply entitled, “Frances.” It is a compilation of her works, including headshots and abstract paint.

The book is available in two sizes, a larger 30cm x 30cm size and a smaller 23cm x 23cm version. Printed with a litho cover and digitally printed internal pages, it is expertly finished with a gloss laminate outer cover and is perfectly PUR bound.

FRANCES. is published by Starmount Publishing Ltd, London and is available to buy from Waterstones bookshop, £50.