OPTICHROME BLOG Hot off the press

A factory tour of 1980’s Optichrome

The second part of our 80’s throwback video trilogy, takes us round the busy factory. Lots of faces here, some still with us.

John Berry, Ray Lewis, Bill Smith and Doug Hook all working hard on the presses. There is also a great shot of Neil Hoar, who is still working with us today. George Bastin and Peter Westcott are enjoying their work, or being filmed, while Richard “eggy” is setting up the Muller trim and stitch.

As Stuart Bamford is setting up the folding machine, Phil Moorey is working in the “cave” on the wire-o punch. Finally we see Chris Watson, Harry Oatley and Julian Swift all busy on the presses. The video ends with a reminder of how times have changed, as Chris Watson lights up a cigarette while minding the brand new Roland Favorit 4 colour press!