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40 years of John Heywood at Optichrome

It is not often these days that you get to celebrate long service awards.  Some companies might see the odd 10 or 15 year anniversary on occasion. but not Optichrome, long service awards are the norm around here. Last year we celebrated with Glyn Dorkings as he achieved 25 years service but this year is an extra special one. To have not one but two employees reach their 40 years service, is a testament to both employee and employer.  This year we have both John Heywood and Neil Hoar achieving 40 years service at Optichrome.

To mark this momentous occasion, we sat down with John and Neil and chatted to them as they looked back and reflected on the past 40 years and the events that have shaped their working lives.

Our first video features John, talking about everything from his first day at Optichrome, how he has seen the industry change over the years and who has inspired him during his working life. Sit back and relax while you watch this funny and at times emotional video.

If you are short on time, as most of us are these days, we have posted links below for each question. Click on each link and it will take you straight to John answering that question.