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2016 OptiComp calendar goes in production

2016 OptiComp calendar goes in production

Most printers send out a calendar to their customers and suppliers each year and we are no exception. However, we wanted to make our calendar more interactive and so #OptiComp was born.

Our 2015 calendar featured Optichrome staff members pets and we created a different web page each month with a different pet. Visitors to the pages had to guess which member of staff owned the pet. With the winner bagging a nice bottle of Champagne in the process.

The production of the 2015 calendar was quite an interesting process due to the wide variety of pets our staff own. Of course there were no end of cats and dogs to choose from but there were also horses, a rabbit, a goldfish and even a snake.

We are delighted with the reaction from our customers, so much so, we have decided to continue #Opticomp for 2016 with a gorgeous new calendar and a different theme, which we will announce very soon. 

In the meantime, here is a sneak peak.